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Ever since I started Reda Paula, the past 3 years have been full of positive changes in the fashion industry, and while 2020 was a chaotic year, it has shown us the importance of including not only sustainability but also practicality in our daily lives. After spending more time at home and working alone in the studio, I discovered a few things I would like to share with fans of my designs.


The importance of practicality in fashion


Practicality in fashion and thorough knowledge in the craft of sewing has become particularly important to me lately. Looking back at history, we can see how famous brands adapted to current situations by, for example, sewing military uniforms or medical clothing during wars. When it comes to practicality in fashion these days, I believe that as we spend so much time at home, it’s a great opportunity not only for me but also for my clients and loved ones, to tidy up their closets.


I was happy to see that so many people bought clothes into my studio for mending and repairing, as this demonstrated just how aware they are of the benefits. You’d be amazed at how you could restore clothing to its marketable appearance by simply resewing linings, ironing with an industrial iron, removing lint. Therefore, if you want to wear your clothes as long as possible or pass them on to others, it’s essential to look after them carefully.


Restoring clothing has also brought me to refine the range of the brand, improve its quality, provide more recommendations for care, and move towards modern classics.


Nature is a source of inspiration


As group workouts have been put to a pause, I’ve found myself going on daily walks in the fresh air. Since I live in a small town called Birštonas, where the Nemunas river flows and nature is nurtured, it’s especially nice to go for walks here. To make it even more interesting, I began to observe and photograph nature.


I analyzed the way it slowly changes with the seasons and time of day. Seeking uniqueness in Lithuania’s nature and comparing it to other countries, I found that it is extremely subtle, gentle, but at the same time surprising.


All the photos taken on my walks are now used in brand communication and spending so much time in nature has inspired me to create new designs and projects. As most of us have more time on our hands lately, I invite everyone to rediscover the beauty of nature and feel its inspiring rhythm.


Food at home


Home and food are inseparable, which is why lately, I’ve been enjoying cooking more than ever. For 17 years I have been a vegetarian and practicing vegan. Reda Paula belongs to the “Fur free” association and is also committed not to use fur, animal and fish skin, or feathers.


Livestock produces more greenhouse gases than all the world’s vehicles combined. Therefore, by reducing the amount of animal products in our diet, we can reduce their production and help clean the environment.


These slower-than-usual times lately have led me to listen to my body more, balance my diet, and discover new vegan dishes and local organic produce.


Sustainability during the holidays


As the holidays approach, we shouldn’t give in to stress but rather try to think more rationally.


  • Get loved ones gifts that they truly need, that are from local suppliers, or handmade.
  • Gifts can look modern and be wrapped tastefully in fabric bags or even last year’s wrapping paper.
  • Add a festive touch to your dining table with pine cones, branches, natural wax candles, and tree rounds.
  • Focus on using as little plastic and disposable items as possible in gifts, packaging, and on the dining table.
  • Instead of wasting food, be modest, resourceful, and healthier.


While we can’t be with our loved ones during the holidays this time around, it’s important to understand that Christmas isn’t just about gifts and food. Let’s dress up, create a cozy atmosphere, engage in conversations, enjoy food, and thank each other.


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