Reda Paula is a womenswear designer label reviving nostalgic femininity into modern minimalism, exclusively made in Lithuania.
Our mission is to empower modern femininity, advocacy and education for sustainability because we hope for a circular fashion world where every woman is an inspiring global-thinker.
Reda Paula challenges luxury fashion with a rooted appreciation for conscious craftsmanship. We make choices based on our four value system: authenticity, quality, individuality and responsibility. This means that our collections are based on personal and impactful stories. We make clothing that can last you generations using only highest quality materials. Most importantly, embracing your uniqueness, we handcraft garments exclusively, or in small quantities and to individual fit by focusing on limited ready-to-wear and made-to-order production. Our business is lead by responsible choices in consideration of human, animal and environmental ethics which labels us as a sustainable luxury brand.



The Reda Paula label was established in 2018 in a Lithuanian resort town of Birštonas, and named after its founder and designer Reda Paula. Growing up in a small village designer has always been close to nature and minimalist approach lifestyle. Family traditions played a big part in the designer’s life towards creating a sustainable fashion label. Inherited secret of handicraft skills comes from her great-grandmother who was a professional seamstress. The appreciation for handmade quality clothing and sustainable choices were passed on from mastery and mindfulness throughout generations of women. Designer’s biggest inspirations are rooted in the family’s youth experience and past eras of Lithuanian fashion.

inherited secrets

In her childhood and teenage years, Reda’s family would receive packages of clothing as gifts from relatives living in the United States of America. Designer experienced different fashion, new materials to what was available in the small town. Most times, sizes needed to be adjusted and it was a natural way to adopt individuality, inherit hand-craftsmanship and practice technical fashion design. In later years, Reda accomplished her ambition and graduated with a masters degree of fashion design at Vilnius Academy of Arts, then interned in a luxury fashion house of Emilia Wickstead in London and soon opened her own label – Reda Paula.

brand launch

Since the launch, Reda Paula has become an international store for sustainable womenswear with customers all over the world. It was recognised by influential women, appeared in many fashion editorial campaigns and on magazine covers. Reda Paula brings nostalgic modern minimalism designed for an inspiring global-thinker.
Our designer collections are influenced by narratives, strong personalities and wildlife scenery. Conceptual designs spark unique traits of the wearer, while handmade details and fabrics reveal an exceptional quality and rooted appreciation for conscious craftsmanship. We admire real life heroic women figures and their authentic stories in the search for classic accents, strength and elegance. Observe nature in its unique form for texture, colour scheme and movement. Our modern silhouettes represent the greatness mixed with intelligently flirting lines. Collections are made exclusively ready-to-wear with some designs being customisable as we focus on individuality of consumer and sustainability in fashion.

coming years

In the coming years, we hope to continue growing as a luxury label and take further steps in our circular fashion journey. We would like to introduce new generation fibers in our collections, while continuing using deadstock materials. Offer a more sustainable way for customers to purchase and give up or pass on luxury clothing. Spread positive fashion education by running social activities for the younger generation. Create charitable a program to support people in need, as well as special project focused placements at Reda Paula.

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