Reda Paula – A name and a brand

The story

My story begins as a little girl, with dreams and a desire to create clothing. Grown up in a small city in Lithuania, deeply connected to the countryside, there has always been a special bond between myself and the nature. Over time, it only grew stronger and became my source of inspiration.


As nature became my muse, I felt the need to give it something in exchange. However, the sense of responsibility for taking care of the planet I love came to me slowly. Post-Soviet time, I remember my parents saving on everything we had: Water, electricity, food. And while I was brought up with a strong respect for traditional handicrafts, we weren’t all too conscious in other areas – It was common for us to litter the roads with packs of ice cream being thrown through the windows during car rides. Over the years, I could see thatbehaviour change; I saw the change in mindset develop to a stronger sense of responsible consumption.


The origins of the desire to make clothes lie in my family. A long time ago, my great-grandmother, who was a professional seamstress, has taught her daughter some secrets of the art of sewing. She, then, passed all that she learned to her daughter until one day my mom was the one to inherit all the knowledge of sewing, and could make clothes and other items for herself and her family. She and my father showed great respect for handiwork, and that encouraged me to become a fashion designer. While studying, I kept myself busy trying to create a future for the fashion industry. Committed to sustainable, ethical practices, I launched my label in 2018, after having finished my MA in Vilnius and my internship in London. Based in a small city Birštonas surrounded by nature.

I’ve always believed the future of fashion to be of sustainable nature. With a strong desire to change the way we produce and consume, going all the way back to our relationship with natural environment, I want to design creative garments for brave souls. Aiming to give meaning to my designs, I use fashion to contribute to a positive change – One that is all about doing more and better with less. Because every choice we as a consumer make, has an impact on the environment, and an impact on our society as a whole.

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