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Responsible, sustainable

Our ethos

We are

Reda Paula creates clothes with love for nature and people. We are committed to making a positive change to the fashion industry and ultimately, the environment. From minimising waste and repurposing materials to made-to-order garments, we put consideration into all aspects of our supply chain. We believe in a slow, circular economy – with less of an impact for environment, and instead, the earth and all its inhabitants in mind, and as a result, produce in small quantities and reuse materials to create hight quality and conceptual design clothes – pieces you will truly love and want to keep in your wardrobe for years.

Social responsibility

Local production


We are proud to be able to produce in Lithuania – all our designs and prototypes being createin our main studio base in our small city. To nurture our country’s economy, we have chosen to work with local artisans. Frequently visiting our tailors, we put social responsibility at the heart of our brand, honouring the people involved in the production of our garments.


Our team involve different people according to age, race, religion, political, sexual orientation and physical appearance. Good working conditions, friendly atmosphere and fair salary are the basis of our social responsibilities.





We regularly hold workshops for everyone to get involved and make eco-friendly, recycled accessories from scraps. During those activities, we address and exchange ideas onthe issue of waste in fashion and responsible consumption – the best way to spread our sustainable mission and create greater awareness of current issues.

Environmental responsibility

Being the second largest polluter of the environment, following the oil industry, garment production has a disastrous impact on our planet.


Collaborating with mass sewing manufactories would lead to a huge amount of fabric waste, which is why we decided to keep all our production small and local. An impressive 400 billion square metres of fabric is produced each and every year, with around 15% discarded during the cutting process – that’s 60 billion square metres of fabric waste per year, eventually ending up burned or in landfill.


We proudly collaborate with the Ecodesign Association EKODA – an organisation bringing together designers, artists and institutions whose activities are in line with the goals of a circular economy, the principles of sustainability and an ecological approach.


We don’t destroy our unsold clothes, but repurpose to another designs. Samples and prototypes are for sale also.



Our fabrics


We aim to minimise fabric waste by challenging the current nature of the fashion industry.


All our fabrics, buttons and trims come from offcuts and dead stock, in order to reduce waste and lower our CO2 emission. We only collect the highest quality fabrics from reputable sewing manufacturers, focusing on organic, natural materialsreimagining the destiny of textile waste through timeless and versatile designs brought to live through repurposed textiles.


Committed to using mainly natural fibres, such as linen, silk, wool and viscose, our fabrics are processed with minimal use of chemicals – chemicals and pesticides having a huge impact on the environment. All our new fabrics from mills have OEKO-TEX® certified. Only 5% of our fabrics used are synthetic, and we are working hard to further reduce this number.

Our packaging


To avoid plastic as much as possible, all our packing is 100% biodegradable. We use paper labels made of recycled paper, and collaborate with green printing “Green Print” company to come up with new, eco friendly resources, like soya dye.


For all shipped garments, we currently use courier paper boxes and recycled wrapping paper – easily reusable and recyclable.

Animal welfare

Worldwide, more than 100 million animals are killed on fur farms alone, after short, miserable lives in small wire mesh cages. We believe in treating animals with respect, andproudly belong to the international “Fur Free Retailer” association. We stay away from using fur, feathers, leather and fish skin in our production.


Committed to using natural fibres, we reduce the long-lasting negative effect on animals caused by synthetic fabrics, producing microplastic pollution when washed. Plastic being a huge issue for our planet, the tiny particles released are currently impossible to catch – something that severely harms our wildlife.

Made-to-order for sustainability

In line with our decision to prevent dead stock fabric from becoming waste, we produce in small quantities, oriented towards ordering on demand. That way, we can also ensure fabrics diversity and offer our customers made-to-order services, considering the life of our garments beyond our immediate use. A life that doesn’t involve ending up in landfill.

Loved longer, worn longer
How to take care of your garments

Washing our clothing uses an awful lot of water and can wear fabric out, leaving your garments faded and damaged. We recommend washing your clothing less and instead spot clean, air or hand wash as much as possible to cut down on water consumption and make your clothing last longer. Whenever possible, we recommend hang drying your clothes overtumble drying.


Hand washing is always the best and safest method – even over dry cleaning. Most dry cleaners use a chemical called Perchloroethylene (Perc), a chemical not only dangerous for the environment, but also for the cleaners themselves. Whenever needed, we recommend you to find an eco-friendly cleaning company.


We strongly believe in considering repairing, recycling or donating garments rather thanthrowing them away. We’re more than happy to fix your Reda Paula garments for you whenever needed. Mending service is free of charge when purchasing directly from us. If you don’t know who to give away your unnecessary Reda Paula clothes – bring it to our studio for reused. Simply send us a message to and arrange for your garment to be shipped to us. We will repair and take care of your garment, to make it last as long as possible.

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