OUR POSITIVE COMMITMENTS


Our commitment is to fully support the circular fashion world in consideration to human, animal and environmental welfare. We aim to make clothes that last generations, minimise fabric waste and pollution, support employee and animal rights by challenging the current nature of the luxury fashion industry with conscious craftsmanship.




Our fabrics are OEKO-TEX® certified. We carefully evaluate suppliers and source materials to make sure it meets ethical requirements. All of our new fabrics come from reputable and local mills that are OEKO-TEX® certified to prove it has been responsibly grown and produced.




Our garments are made of deadstock. Equally to buying new, we repurpose deadstock materials, like buttons, trims, scraps and remains from reputable sewing, knitting or bankrupted companies that other manufacturers consider waste. This way we reduce the number of unused quality materials being destroyed and ensure fabric diversity.




Our clothes are premium quality. We only choose the highest quality textiles that we can test beforehand because our goal is to make sure it lasts a lifetime, or can be appreciated by more than one owner if gifted, swapped or upcycled.




Our textiles are 95% natural. Most of our used fabrics are natural, and we are working hard to further increase this number. However, sometimes deadstock fabrics may have synthetic fibers already mixed in. Nonetheless, we believe in reducing waste to support the circular fashion industry but when possible choose completely natural materials to repurpose.




Our products are environmentally friendly. Committed to using mainly natural fibres, our fabrics are processed with a minimal use of chemicals and pesticides and are non-toxic. Considering animal welfare, we reduce the long-lasting negative effect on animals caused by synthetic fabrics, producing micro-plastic pollution when washed. We believe in treating animals with respect, and proudly belong to the international Fur Free Retailer association. We only produce from deadstock or upcycled leather. We don’t use fur, feathers, leather or fish skin in our production.




Our packaging is 100% biodegradable. Our labels are made from recycled paper and printed with eco-friendly soya dye in collaboration with “Green Print” company. As shipping materials, we currently use plain courier carton boxes and gift wrapping tissue paper which is easily reusable and recyclable.




Our garments are handcrafted. We practise slow production that is of a higher value and a lower waste. Detailed and tailored garments show hand craftsmanship of the professional seamstresses. Half the time, completing custom-fit orders direct to the customer.




Our products are made locally. We exclusively produce in Lithuania. Our designs and prototypes are created in Reda Paula based studio in a small town of Birštonas. To nurture our country’s economy, we employ local artisans. Considering the environmental damage in the fashion industry, this production process is carbon neutral too.




Our stock is limited ready-to-wear and made-to-order. Directing our label towards ordering on demand, with each collection we produce small quantities of exclusive ready-to-order clothing and provide a number of made-to-order designs. Once our ready-to-wear stock of the current collection is sold out but there is a demand, then we can make those designs to custom-fit. Caring about inclusivity and waste reduction, this business model is a sustainable option towards humans and nature ensuring long term garment use and no clothing ending up in the landfill.




We care about ethical human rights. Our employees are paid a fair wage and are provided with a healthy and clean work environment. Frequently visiting our tailors, we put social responsibility at the heart of our brand, honouring the people involved in the production of our garments.




We care about diversity recruiting. Our team involves a diversity of people according to their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, personality, experience and physical appearance. We are responsible for creating equal opportunities when hiring people and collaborating with organisations.




We care about circular fashion advocacy. We actively raise awareness about the circular fashion business model through collaborating with local and global organisations and being active on our social media platforms in the hopes to reach and advocate for many people about the negatives and positives of the fashion industry. We proudly collaborate with organisations such as the eco-design association EKODA – bringing together designers, artists and institutions whose activities are in line with the goals of a circular economy, the principles of sustainability and an ecological approach. The world’s largest fashion activism movement – Fashion Revolution gathering citizens, industry and policymakers, education and advocacy work in the aim to achieve changes in culture, industry and policies for a more ethical, sustainable and transparent future for fashion.




We provide customers with garment care instructions. We advise customers to read the label with care instruction on the garment to prevent it from permanent damage. We recommend washing clothes less frequently but instead spot clean, air or hand wash if possible, in order to cut down on water consumption and prevent fabric from fading or wearing out. Hand washing is considered to be the best and safest method, even over the dry cleaning as most dry cleaners use a chemical called Perchloroethylene (Perc). It is not only dangerous for the environment but also for the cleaners themselves. Whenever needed, we recommend finding an eco-friendly cleaning company. We also recommend hang drying clothes over tumble drying.




We provide customers with a repair guarantee. Purchased clothes at Reda Paula are protected by a lifelong guarantee. We strongly believe in repairing, recycling or donating garments rather than throwing them away. When purchased directly from us, we offer free of charge mending services to our dear customers whenever needed. We accept email inquiries via to arrange garment shipment to us.




We provide pre-owned luxury rent services. Our label has a limited time purchase service with garment care commitments aimed at customers who prefer purchasing only for a singular occasion. We don’t destroy our samples, unsold or defected clothes but repurpose old designs and rent them out. Clothes collected in the up-cycling program get eventually rented as well, which in the long run the service could be considered as a sustainable vintage luxury store.




We encourage customers to take part in our upcycling program. Our designer garment upcycling program is aimed at our dear customers who do not have anyone to give away unnecessary Reda Paula clothes. In exchange for participating and supporting the circular fashion model, customers receive various discounts. We accept email inquiries via to arrange garment shipment to us. Collected pre-owned luxury items are alternated and repaired if needed, and brought to new customers again to extend the lifetime of the garment.




DIRT is a charity that works to regenerate soil. Regenerating soil is one of the most important actions to be taken in the face of climate change. DIRT regenerates soil through supporting the biodynamic farming movement. 3% from every purchase from REDA PAULA will go to DIRT.

Biodynamic Farming is a type of regenerative agriculture. It is a movement that is nearly 100 years old but not well known, yet holds the answer to Earth’s regeneration. It is working hard to transform the agricultural system into a healthy one, one that supports life on Earth. It uses no chemicals at all and makes its own compost on the farm to fertilise the soil, omitting the need to purchase chemical fertilisers which are harming soil microorganisms. With each passing season, the life under the soil of a biodynamic farm becomes healthier and nutrient rich. Biodynamic Farmers start by asking the question: “How can I help this land on which I live and work?” DIRT works to regenerate soil globally by supporting and helping the biodynamic farming movement to expand. Everything grown in soil could be grown biodynamically and for all our benefits, should be.
Read more about Dirt Charity

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